Thursday, September 22, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Day 3, Part 2 - Hong Kong

August 21, 2011 - Disneyland

A leisure trip to Hong Kong is not complete without a visit to the famous Disneyland. Ever since this trip was booked, I've been looking forward to my close encounter with Mickey Mouse and the whole gang and of course to see the attractions and experience the magic of Disneyland.

After spending our morning at Ngong Ping Village, we rode the train at Tung Chung station and got off at Sunny Bay station where the Disneyland Resort Line is located. We then rode the Disneyland-inspired train to the resort. From the outside look of the train to the the blue cushioned seats, Mickey Mouse hand rails and Disney characters bronze figures in glass cases, you can tell that this is not your ordinary train! You get your first feel of Disneyland on this train.

And of course, I wouldn't pass the chance to have my pictures taken at this famous resort!

The parade has just started when we arrived. Here are some pictures of the floats.

Most of the members of the marching band are Pinoys!

Just look at this adorable Mickey Mouse waffle.

Meet and greet the characters!

Just like a little girl, I was truly amazed of the castle.

The castle at day time

The castle at night

Our day at Disneyland was wrapped up with spectacular fireworks which left us all in awe.

We truly enjoyed our visit to Disneyland (well, except for the scorching heat). I will definitely go back (if time and budget permit). It goes to show that Disneyland is not just for the young people but also for the young at hearts to enjoy.


anney said...

I'm sure you all had a wonderful time! We were in HK last May. By the way, I'm a new follower. Have a great week!

SunnyToast said...

Ka inggit ng Disneyland pala kyo:) Love all the photos:)

Jenggai said...

@anney: thanks for the follow, sis! I'm sure the weather is way better in May than in August. I never thought that summer in HK is more humid than Manila! Btw, I followed you back! =)

@sunny: Thanks! Nice to hear from you again! It's been a while since I checked and updated my blog that's why I didn't get to read and drop by your blog =)

Kristeta ♥ (kalokang Pinay) said...

So true sis, Disneyland is not just for kids. We went to Disneyland Paris before we had Poj and had a blast. We hope to go back when he's a bit older to appreciate it (at kapag may time & budget din, hehe). Don't you just love the parade in the end?

Jenggai said...

@Kristeta: Wow Disneyland Paris! Hope to bring little Andrei in Disneyland too when he's also old enough to remember yung experience. Sayang lang ang money kung sa pictures nya lang makikita ung Disney experience nya dahil he's too young to remember anything =)

MACY said...

disneylans is really a must visit place! i've been to disneyland california when i was 11 and i enjoyed it so much. i want to visit disneyland again to see how much i'll enjoy now i'm 10 years older. hehe!


Jenggai said...

Hi Macy! Thanks for dropping by. One is never too old for Disneyland. Go and visit Disneyland again! =)

MACY said...

thanks for following! sana nga makabalik pa ko sa disneyland hehe.. btw, i;ve been following you already, a month na ata..=)


Jenggai said...

Ooops sorry 'bout that Macy! =)

Sapphire Mommy (Mommy Jo) said...

great bonding with your friends! i enjoy watching your photos. btw sis,i tagged you in a post :)

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