Sunday, September 11, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Day 1 Macau-HK

My most awaited day finally arrived! Last August 19, 2011, aboard Cebu Pacific flight 5J-362 bound for Macau, I had my first ever out-of-the-country vacation. It was also my first airplane ride.

When the captain of the plane announced that we were about to land at around 10pm, I looked out of the window and was amazed and marveled at how beautiful Macau is at night. The buildings were all lit up as though I was watching a symphony of lights. The lights of the casinos are breathtaking.

at the Macau International Airport

From the airport, we took a bus to Grandview Hotel where we will be staying for a night.

We booked our hotel a few days after booking our flight. The room costs HK$ 630 (approximately Php 3,465) for a night. We all think it was a good deal because the rooms are nice and the staff can speak English.

I think the bathroom looks cute with its see through glass. Perfect for couples, isn’t it? But if you’re staying with a friend, no worries because you can roll down the blinds for privacy.

After checking in at the hotel, we wasted no time by heading off to explore Macau at night. Good thing about Macau is that you can take free shuttle rides from one hotel or casino to another.

We were enjoying our first night strolling around Macau that we forgot the time. It was already 2:30am when we reached the hotel.


The Average Jane said...

Beautiful pics! When Hubby and I went to Macau, we were so tired we just holed up in our room. Hehehe!

We should have gone around at night. =)

Spanish Pinay said...

awesome vacation! :)

Spanish Pinay

Jenggai said...

@average jane: The lights in Macau at night time is truly breathtaking. Reminds me of night scenes of movies taken in Las Vegas. Anyways, there's always a next time. Be sure to stroll down the streets of Macau the next time you go there =)

@spanish pinay: thanks, sis! I still have a lot to write about this trip. =)

Kristeta ♥ (kalokang Pinay) said...

Wow, ang saya! Ganyan talaga no, time flies when you're having fun!!! =)

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