Sunday, August 14, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Toothbrush challenge no more

If there is one thing Andrei hated the most, it’s brushing his teeth. He used to love brushing... only if it’s his dad who will be the one to do it for him. Since his dad had to leave the country to work last January, I was left with this quite difficult task. I consider persuading Andrei to brush his teeth an extra challenge.

He would always scream “No!” whenever he sees me putting toothpaste on his toothbrush. Thinking that his toothpaste has something to do with his refusal to brush his teeth, I tried changing it, but still with no success. During bath times, I always end up with soaked clothes from struggling to hold Andrei’s head so I can brush his teeth.

And yesterday, I think I found the answer to my prayers! My friends and I went to Shangri-la Mall today and stumbled upon a stall called Momtreprenuer which sells stuffs for babies and moms-to-be. I saw this in one of their display counters:

 A light up timer toothbrush! When you push the button, the blue lights on the toothbrush handle will start blinking. The timer is set at one minute. Just enough time to finish brushing. It costs Php 160.

When I got home, I immediately gave the toothbrush to Andrei. As expected, he said “No!” and ran away. But when he saw it blinking, he came running back to me… smiling from ear to ear. I squeezed some toothpaste on his new toothbrush and handed it to him. I couldn’t contain my excitement when he started brushing his teeth all by himself!

We ended up pushing the light button twice before he finally handed the toothbrush back to me. Whoever invented this toothbrush, one BIG thanks to you!
Thursday, August 11, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Happy Lemon

Since Happy Lemon opened in Eastwood Mall a few months ago, I was only able to try their drinks a couple of weeks ago. Reason: I am too lazy to walk the few blocks from my office to Eastwood Mall.

And so one late afternoon, I asked my friend to go to the Eastwood Mall and try Happy Lemon. Still too lazy to walk the few blocks, we took the free shuttle inside the Eastwood compound.

As first timers, we got overwhelmed by the variety of drinks they offer. We didn’t know what to order so we tried one of the recommended drinks: Lemon Yakult (Reg - Php 90; Large - Php 100). We loved it at first sip! Heavenly!

What I also love about Happy Lemon is their queuing system. You order your drinks from the counter, pay then the lady will hand you a little black gadget-like thing. The thing would light up and vibrate once your ordered drinks are ready. Talk about high technology! You can stroll to nearby stores while waiting for your drinks.

I couldn't get a good shot of this thing with all red lights on. They're too fast!

I have also tried their Roasted Milk Tea with Pearl Sago (Reg - Php 80; Large - Php 90; Hot - Php 90). I love it, too. The last one I tried is the Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese (Reg - Php 90; Large - Php 100). I didn't enjoy this one too much. The cocoa tastes a lot like Sustagen. I was looking for a sweeter and more chocolatey taste.

My next target drink is the Caramel Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly (Reg - Php 85; Large - Php 95; Hot - Php 95). I am a big fan of anything with caramel. I hope I’ll enjoy this one as well.

Friday, August 5, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Banapple dinner

After our keratin hair treatment, my friends and I headed to Banapple at Blue Ridge in Katipunan to have our dinner. It was my second time to eat at Banapple.

I love the fancy look of the restaurant. It makes me feel at home. See the cute designs of their tables? Reminds me of Nips and M&Ms chocolates :)

But most especially, I love their food!
Super Caesar Salad at Php 120 and Pasta Jacintha served with pesto butter bread at Php 170.

Herbed Cheese and Mushroom Pie at Php 75.

Baked Fish Gratinee with Scalloped Potatoes served with rice and corn relish at Php 185. This dish I shared with my friend Carol as we both cannot finish the big serving.

A slice of their sumptuous Banoffee Pie at Php 85.

Peso power: Php 635 for four persons. Not bad!

Check out if there's one Banapple near you! See list of their branches below:

225 and 206 Katipunan Ave, Blue Ridge, QC.
Tel. No.: (02) 439-2675 [Katipunan 1]
Tel. No.: (02) 438-2675 [Katipunan Too]

Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Ave, Ayala Triangle, Makati
Tel. No.: (02) 756-2675 [Ayala Triangle]

2/L Il Terrazzo
35 Tomas Morato, QC
Tel. No.: (02) 413-2675 [Tomas Morato]

Northeast Square
47 Connecticut St
Northeast Greenhills, SJ

They're open from 7.30 am to 11.30 pm everyday. Check out their website

Can't wait for my next visit to Banapple!