Wednesday, December 14, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Look who's busy

While most people are busy shopping for gifts during this time of the year, Andoy is busy with something else... busy with the iPad! Hubby and I couldn't get our hands on the iPad when Andoy is playing his games.

Helping mommy collect earnings from the stalls in Snoopy's Street Fair

I don't really mind not being able to use it when Andoy is around. Actually, I enjoy watching him tapping and sliding his fingers on the thing. It's as if he's an adult already. I even downloaded a lot of games for him. There are a lot of educational games on the App Store that can help develop his skills. I downloaded puzzle games, nursery rhymes, animal sounds, alphabet games, number games and the likes.

Hubby and I just have one tiny bit of a problem... and that's taking away the iPad from Andoy when it's time to go to sleep :)
Saturday, December 10, 2011 | By: Jenggai

I won! Finally!

Last November 11, 2011, I saw a Facebook contest post from Smart Parenting. I just have to send a Twitpic of one of my favorite articles in their website. Only the first 15 entries will win so I immediately upload a Twitpic. I think I was the third valid entry. Yay! I was so happy because I know I am a sure winner even without the confirmation e-mail yet in my inbox.

You see, I am one of those few people who never won in any raffle draw or contest. I don’t remember winning any contest or raffle that I joined (not even a cake raffle, hmpf!).

I have been working for almost 12 years of my life (eight years in my present company). And in the 12 Christmas parties that I attended, I always leave each party empty handed, sigh… The latest was just last December 8 during our company Christmas party. Oh well, I think it’s not yet my time to win. Who knows? Maybe I’ll win the grand prize next year. Still keeping my fingers crossed (even my toes!) J

Going back to my first ever winning moment, I asked my hubby to go with me earlier today to claim my prize in Mandaluyong since I have no work in the office. We usually do not have work the day after our Christmas party. Amidst the pouring rain and “usad pagong” traffic, I finally got my prize! Yipee!

I got a Smart Parenting book on raising a preschooler and their special issue of smart pregnancy. I can apply the tips on raising a preschooler in a few months time when Andoy starts schooling next year. The smart pregnancy magazine I can only read now and will apply the useful tips in a few years time J

My winnings