Wednesday, December 14, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Look who's busy

While most people are busy shopping for gifts during this time of the year, Andoy is busy with something else... busy with the iPad! Hubby and I couldn't get our hands on the iPad when Andoy is playing his games.

Helping mommy collect earnings from the stalls in Snoopy's Street Fair

I don't really mind not being able to use it when Andoy is around. Actually, I enjoy watching him tapping and sliding his fingers on the thing. It's as if he's an adult already. I even downloaded a lot of games for him. There are a lot of educational games on the App Store that can help develop his skills. I downloaded puzzle games, nursery rhymes, animal sounds, alphabet games, number games and the likes.

Hubby and I just have one tiny bit of a problem... and that's taking away the iPad from Andoy when it's time to go to sleep :)


michi said...

andoy the "techie kid". =)

Jenggai said...

@michi: he sure is. just like every kid nowadays :)

Em said...

Gone are the days when kids go out to play.
Apple, indeed has more apps than Android. yun nga lng, most din are not free. Share nmn the apps you downloaded for Andoy, will download it too for my little one :)

The Average Jane said...

Pretty soon we'll be going to out kids for troubleshooting out PCs and whatnot. Hehehe! =)

Roxi Santiago said...

Ay nako, Jacob is like that too. He likes to hold the iPad whenever we use it or when its on the bed. He has his own baby app and he enjoys it coz it makes noises.

He even discovered features/shortcuts on the iPad before I did. I was amazed watching him! Haha ;)

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