Tuesday, April 9, 2013 | By: Jenggai

Summer school drama

It was little Andoy's first day of summer school yesterday. I brought him to school but had to leave right away to go to work. As much as I want to spend the whole two hours with him, I can't because I was on leave for several times already during the past weeks as I was sick. My mom waited for him instead. He has been attending speech therapy for a couple of month now in the same school and in most sessions, his dad accompanied him. But since my husband boarded the ship again last week, it's lola's turn to go with little Andoy.

He enjoyed his first day of school as he was laughing and participating in the school activities. He was smiling when he got out of the room but his smile immediately faded when he didn't see me outside the room. He asked my mother, "Where's mom?" My mother said that I was in the office. Little Andoy replied, "I'm mad!"

It really broke my heart when my mother told me over the phone. Luckily, I don't have work today so I was able to accompany him to school. While walking home after school, he said, "i'm happy!" while holding my hand. I guess I'm forgiven :)