Thursday, June 14, 2012 | By: Jenggai

Potty trained at last

I haven’t posted anything for the past couple of months but I can’t let this one milestone in Little Andoy’s life pass without sharing it with you.

Since April 1 (yes, it’s been that long) Little Andoy started peeing in the toilet! At first I thought it was just a joke, after all it’s “April fool’s day”. Haha how can a three-year old know about April fool’s day? From that day on, he got used to wearing his underpants and telling me or anyone around him if he needs to pee. Even when he’s on siesta, he would wake up just to pee in the toilet then go back to sleep again. I didn’t have time to write a quick post about this milestone but I made sure I marked that day on my planner. From four packs of XL diapers per month, we went down to two! I only put diaper on him at night and when he needs to do number 2.

A few weeks after, I bought him a potty seat so he can learn to do number 2 in the toilet as well. I even chose a design with his favorite character, Thomas the tank engine. Unfortunately, not even Thomas can make him do number 2 in the toilet yet. I’ve done all the encouragement and the “uhmmm, uhmmm” sound but it didn’t work. I just told myself that he’s just not ready yet.

Andoy's Thomas potty seat

Last weekend, I tried my luck on Little Andoy again but didn’t succeed, as usual. Not until last Tuesday! Well, actually it was my mom who succeeded in making Andoy do number 2 in the toilet. My mom told me to bring Little Andoy to the toilet because he seems to be about to do it. I told her that I already tried a few days ago and that he’s not ready yet. Maybe we’d have to wait for a few more months. My mom still brought him inside the toilet and stayed there with Little Andoy. After a few minutes, Andoy was out of the toilet. I asked my mom if he succeeded and she said “YES!” I was so happy! So proud of my little boy! Ooops, correction, my not so little boy anymore.

This means we’ll be down to one pack of diapers per month as he only needs to wear one at night. I told hubby about this during our video call a while ago and he’s as proud as I am. I wonder what’s next for Little Andoy. Whatever it is, I sure am excited to discover and share more of his growing up moments.