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Day 2 Macau-HK

August 20, 2011 – Macau then Hong Kong

Original call time as indicated in our itinerary was 6am. However, since we were still too lazy to get up, it was moved to a little after 7am.

Good morning, Macau!

We had Macau’s famous pork bun at a nearby small restaurant. We were thinking of eating noodles but the restaurant is packed with a lot of morning eaters. So we just decided to order pork bun at HK$ 17 for take out. It is a slice of pork chop (yes, still with the bones in it) in a bun. It is tasty but too oily.

We rode the hotel’s free shuttle to the ferry terminal and transferred to Grand Lisboa’s shuttle service.  
Good thing about Macau is that anywhere you go, you can always find Filipinos who work there for directions. From Lisboa, we walked the few blocks to Senado Square.

There are a lot of stores selling local delicacies which also offers free tastes to everyone including free water!

If you were able to watch Boys Over Flowers, a few scenes were taken at this store.

You can find the Ruins of St. Paul at the far end of Senado Square. It is one of Macau’s famous landmarks.

Our next stop was in The Venetian. The interior structure of the shopping mall is amazing. It is always day time inside the mall. Even though it is only 12 noon, it was like 5:00 in the afternoon already. You can see clear skies when you look up to the ceilings.

And the singers in the gondola are like mermaids serenading you. Once they started singing, everybody stops and watch them.

Here are some more pictures of the Macau taken while aboard the free shuttles.

At around 3:30pm, we headed to the ferry terminal and took the 4:00pm ferry ride to Hong Kong. Since it is a Saturday, ferry tickets are sold at a higher rate. Tickets are sold at HK$ 173.

Upon arriving in Hong Kong, we checked in at Dragon Hostel. We took two rooms with private bathrooms. One room, shared by five persons, costs HK$ 580 and the other room, shared by four persons, costs HK$ 450.

No time to rest after checking in because we had to go to Victoria Harbour to watch the Symphony of Lights at 8:00pm.


Kristeta ♥ (kalokang Pinay) said...

Wow! Ang heavy ng breakfast!
And I love the gondola, very romantic =)

Jenggai said...

I would have loved to experience the gondola ride but it's way out of the budget! too pricey! and dyahe naman kung di mo bigyan ng tip =)

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