Wednesday, May 25, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Rainy days are here again

Tropical storm Chedeng officially ends the summer season. We will be experiencing rains in the coming days. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the summer season, in fact, I enjoyed a few outings this summer. But summer season nowadays is extremely hot compared to the summer seasons I experienced when I was younger basically due to global warming. This extremely hot temperature is what I do not like about it. I would prefer a little late afternoon drizzle than a 24-hour humid day. I would not, however, wish to rain all day everyday as it is too hard to get a ride home from the office when the streets are flooded. And who will ever forget the trauma brought by the Ondoy rains which flooded my hometown last 2009?

As most people prefer to be indoors on rainy days, I came up with my my top 5 reasons why I love to stay home on a rainy day:

1) It's snuggle time and cartoons time with Little Andrei! It's nice to snuggle up with someone when it's cold. We usually stay in the bedroom and watch Andrei's favorite cartoons on TV. We'd lie down on the bed all day with the blanket wrapped around us. Andrei hated blankets. When I put one on him, he would always continuously kick until the blanket fall off his body but on rainy days, he doesn't mind being under a blanket.

2) Staying in bed longer because of the cold weather. That's what you call "bed weather". It's so cozy I can stay in bed all day and maybe read a book.

3) When it is raining, I usually clean our room and sort out clothes in the closet because I don't get to sweat too much while moving around.

4) It's family time during rainy weekends. When it is raining on weekends, my siblings are too lazy to go out. The result: my mom had to cook merienda for all of us. My mom would usually cook goto or champorado and we would all feast on the food in front of the TV.

5) It's time to wear those pajamas. I don't usually wear pajamas to sleep but I take them out of the closet when it's cold and raining.

It's best to stay indoors when it's raining to avoid getting sick but if you really have to go out, just be sure to bring your jacket and don't forget to bring your umbrella!


Spanish Pinay said...

I love rainy days in the Philippines too :) I tend to spend more time in the bed too and then eat a lot of chichiryas :-D

Mrs.Bech said...

i love wearing pajamas on rainy days. and i also tend to cook when it's raining. =)

SunnyToast said...

I love rainy days...this are the days that I can wear my so love jackets, scarf and out of the world outfit:) but the problem with me is that I don't love staying home with this season. I love going out and spending my free time at coffee shop...the aroma of the coffee+rain=simple pleasure for me:)..rain is beautiful:)

Jenggai said...

Thanks for dropping by guys! It's nice to know there are people who love rainy days as I do. :)

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