Sunday, May 29, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Me and my four eyes

Due to frequent headaches and dizziness for the past weeks, I decided to have my eyes checked. The doctor said I still have perfect vision but I have astigmatism which might be the cause of my dizziness. I need to wear corrective eyeglasses. Earlier today, Andrei and I, together with my parents, sisters, sister-in-law and my niece, went to SM Marikina. And since we’re already there, I went to Executive Optical to have my eyeglasses made. Their regular lens cost Php 995 while the multi-coated lens cost Php 1,950. I chose the cheaper priced lens. Good thing I found a cheap frame from the SM department store which only costs Php 199.95 less 20% discount so the price is down to around Php 160. I spent a total of Php 1,155 for my eyeglasses. Whew, I didn’t know a pair of eyeglasses can cost that much and they’re just for astigmatism!

I didn’t wear my eyeglasses until Andrei and I got home. I can’t help but laugh when I saw his reaction. He was looking at me strangely and was pointing to his eyes. He was babbling continuously as if telling me that there’s something in my eyes. And when I leaned towards him so he can take a closer look, he tried to grab my glasses off my face. Good thing he got used to it after a while.


Spanish Pinay said...

be careful about it :) our daughter still grabs my hubby's glasses and mine (if I wear them)... and sometimes she seems uninterested but when we have our guards down, her hands are faster than than the ligtning speed. :-D

Spanish Pinay

Jenggai said...

I try to keep the glasses off his reach because he still gives me his naughty looks.

Kids are so clever these days :)

Nuna said...

I used to wear corrective eyeglasses too. First when I was in grade 6 and second when I was in high school. Good thing I don't have to wear glasses now coz I'm sure the little girl will try to grab em too. How long do you need to wear these eyeglasses?

Jenggai said...

I have to get my eyes checked every now and then to see when I can stop wearing them. The doctor said I should try to wear them all the time, if possible, because my eyes will always refocus every time I'd take the glasses off. I hope I won't have to wear them too long.

Thanks for dropping by Mommy Nuna!

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