Friday, July 1, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Razon's of Guagua

Razon's of Guagua is famous for its delicious halo-halo and pansit luglog. Whenever I crave for halo-halo, I always go to their Eastwood City Walk branch to satisfy my cravings. Their halo-halo is composed only of macapuno, sweetened banana, leche flan and a lot of milk. What makes the halo-halo different from the others is the ice. The smooth and fine texture of the ice they use makes their halo-halo stand out. This is the only halo-halo I can finish all by myself.

A few weeks ago, my friend has been telling me to join Razon's contest on Facebook. You only have to post a picture on their fan page and the top 3 entries with the most number of likes will win a Nokia C6 each. I am not fond of joining contests since I am not lucky enough to win any. But when I checked their fan page and saw that there were only a few entries, I immediately searched for Andrei's picture taken last year at Razon's of Guagua.

This is the first time that I joined a contest like this and I really want to win. Please help me win by following the two easy steps below:

1) Please like the fan page of Razon's of Guagua in this link.

2) Please like Andrei's picture (entry by Jeng Nepomuceno-Silo) at the fan page's photos. Andrei is wearing a black jacket in the picture, holding a spoon and trying to reach for his halo-halo as posted below. Or to make it easier for you, you can click Andrei's picture below or click this link once you have liked their fan page.

I would really appreciate your help. And if you would like to join the contest too, please click here for the contest mechanics. The top 3 entries will win a Nokia C6 each and the 4th placer up to the 10th placer will win gift certificates.

Many many thanks to you in advance!


michi said...

walang like button pag nagclick ako ng link. y kaya?

Jenggai said...

sis, paki-like muna ung fan page ng razon's here >>

then like Andrei's pic here >>

thanks, sis michi! :)

L.A. Sherman -- Author said...

Hi! Nice blog. I'm following you from mom bloggers. Please follow mine too.

Jenggai said...

thanks, luky! i followed you back! :)

michi said...

hi mommy jeng, i've tagged you on this post

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