Saturday, July 30, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Great hair day

Last Sunday, me and my friends had our keratin hair treatment at Benefits Style Salon at Eastwood City. The keratin hair treatment’s original price of Php 1,250 was slashed down to Php 249. Thanks to megadealsph’s awesome deal a few weeks ago. For Php 249, we experienced high-end salon service.

We arrived earlier than our 6pm appointment but we just waited for around five minutes before we were called. The stylist who took care of me is Vince. He shampooed my hair first before applying the keratin cream to my hair. He then wrapped my hair with cellophane and let it stand for about 30 minutes. While waiting for the 30 minutes to be over, customers are treated to a relaxing shoulders and back massage. I was looking at the other customers and it looked like they were enjoying their massage. However, it was a bit of a funny experience for me as I was too stiff while he was massaging my shoulders and back because I am ticklish. After the massage, I had my eyebrows threaded. It was kinda painful but it was worth it. Eyebrow threading is worth Php 150. After that, Vince washed my hair with warm water and blow dried it. I was happy with the result because my hair was soft, tangle-free and no frizz.

What I also like about the salon is that their magazines are up-to-date. No back issues from way back when. They also offer complementary drinks – iced tea, coffee or water. And the staff were so friendly. I would definitely go back to Benefits Style Salon.


michi said...

nice deal for P249. =)

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