Thursday, June 2, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Tag post: Seven things about me

This is a tag post from Michelle
  1. I love eating potatoes.
  2. I have been collecting recipes for a long time now but I haven’t tried cooking or baking any of them but I surely would love to try one day. I like reading them and looking at the pictures.
  3. I love pens and notepads. Ever since I was a kid, I have been collecting fancy pens, stationery, notepads and notebooks.
  4. I would like to try planting vegetables at home one day even though I don’t have a green thumb. Back in high school, the vegetables I planted in my Agricultural Arts class were not as big and healthy looking compared to my classmates’. Who knows? Maybe I just picked the wrong seedling from the box =)
  5. I have been at my present work for more than seven years now. Guess what? I have kept each and every pay slip with me – neatly piled up in my closet at home.
  6. I love the smell of freshly laundered sheets and blankets. Makes me want to lie down in bed longer.
  7. I have been wearing the same silver watch I bought ten years ago. I bought it with my earnings from my first job. I had several watches every once in a while but I keep coming back to my old silver watch.
I know I’m supposed to tag other bloggers but I saw that most of the bloggers from my list have already been tagged. But if you want to join the tag post, feel free to tag along. 



Spanish Pinay said...

I don't have green thumb either.. I've tried to keep a plant inside our house and many times, they just died!! I also remember a plant I submitted in our agri class back in grade school and mine died... the only one that died. Fun days. hah.

Good to know more about you :)

Spanish Pinay

SunnyToast said...

Nice to know you more with this post and I also love the smell of freshly laundered sheets and blankets:)

happy weekend

Jenggai said...

@Spanish Pinay - Maybe if we keep on trying, our thumbs will get greener and greener everyday. LOL

Happy weekend, Sunny! My everyday visitor :)

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