Wednesday, June 1, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Clean House Tuesdays

Since Andrei learned to watch cartoons on TV, I haven’t had the chance to keep track of the TV programs I used to watch. The TV in the bedroom is glued to either Nickelodeon channel or Disney channel. I really don’t mind missing the telenovelas I used to follow. However, there’s this one show on the Lifestyle Network that I really don’t want to miss as much as possible – the show Clean House which is shown every Tuesdays at 9pm to 10pm. I had to let Andrei watch 'Thomas the tank engine' from my laptop so he won't ask me to switch the channel back to Nickelodeon or Disney channel. Clean House searches for the messiest homes in America and transforms one messy house at a time into a new and neat place in just 24 hours. All the clutters in the house are sorted and put out in a yard sale. They use the earnings from the yard sale for stuff needed for the home makeover.

Here are some pictures of the home makeover from some of their episodes:

 Living room

Dining room


Check out more from the Clean House photo gallery here.


SunnyToast said...

Great post and I really need this...I just transfer to a new place:)

Happy blogging


Jenggai said...

Thanks Sunny! You can get some tips on decorating and maximizing the space in your home from this show :)

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