Saturday, April 9, 2011 | By: Jenggai

A day at Subic Bay Yacht Club

 This is the long overdue blog on my trip to Subic two weeks ago. Our company sponsored a sort of "relaxation day" at the Subic Bay Yacht Club. It would have been a real day of relaxation for me if not for my untimely "visitor". Yes, of all days, it was my "red letter" day.

Assembly time was before 8am but we left QC at around 9am already. The sun was already way up high (I had to wear my sunglasses to avoid migraine attack). It was a traffic-free trip but we had to pull over for a while due to a flat tire. Nevertheless, the trip was bearable. We arrived at the yacht club at around 11:30am.

We ate at Cambusa Restaurant which is located at the lower lobby of the yacht club. Foods are pricey but delicious and the staff were oh so friendly. If there's one thing I enjoyed the most about this trip, it would be the food feast!

Our lunch feast consists of the following mouthwatering dishes.

French onion soup

Mashed potato with chicken breast

 Beef kaldereta

Crispy pata


Melon shake (for me)

more fruit shakes for the others

Cheesecake for dessert

For merienda, I had banana split.

Before leaving SBYC, we had an early dinner with these...

Cheeseburger with fries (huge cheeseburger, that is)


There are yachts available for rent for as low as Php 11,500 for two hours. If you don’t feel like taking that yacht trip, you can always take a dip in the pool – with sand! They have a separate pool for the kids with a mini slide and some cute toy animals floating around.

They also have jacuzzis, sauna baths and spa massage services. And for the sporty people, you can play beach volleyball along the side of the pool where there's sand. There are several tennis courts and basketball courts as well. And if you're into indoor sports, you can play bowling, billiards or darts.

A day is not enough to explore the place. Looking forward to another visit to Subic Bay Yacht Club.

A day is not enough to explore the place. Looking forward to another visit to Subic Bay Yacht Club.


Cha said...

The place looks nice. Hope to visit sometime and I hope the travel is not too far.

jengpotz said...

around 3 hours lang byahe, sis. go na :)

Musandam Khasab said...

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