Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Andoy's first out-of-town trip

Andrei's first out-of-town adventure was in Canyon Cove Beach Resort in Nasugbu, Batangas. We went there with his ninongs and ninangs. More than anybody else, I was the one who is super excited about his first trip out of the Metro.

After a three-hour trip, we arrived at Canyon Cove at around 10 am. Upon seeing the huge pool, which is visible from the reception area of the resort, Andrei was squealing and dragging me to go down to the pool area. We rented a wooden cabana which is located in the beach front. We had to pass by the pool area to reach our cabana. He was screaming "iming! iming!" (which meant swimming in Andrei's dictionary) and I had to carry him to stop him from running off to the pool. Mind you, it was hard to carry a struggling 13-kilo toddler, whew!

Once we reached the beach area, I let go of him and he immediately stopped screaming when he felt the sand on his feet. I can't help but smile too when I saw him smile and wiggle his toes. He enjoyed swimming in the beach. He was even telling me to go to where the boats are. He enjoyed the sand and the small waves. He also liked swimming in the pool where his Ninong Jeck would throw him and I would catch him.

Enjoying the sand

Enjoying the beach 

Enjoying the pool

With ninongs and ninangs

Day tour rate at Canyon Cove is Php 800. Php 300 of which can be consumed for food and drinks. We had grilled liempo and fish for lunch which is around 180 per meal (with rice and sidings). Softdrinks are at Php 60 per can. Cabana rates: poolside cabanas – Php 1,000; beachfront wooden cabanas – Php 1,500.

The resort also has a playground for kids and beach volley court. They offer snorkeling, banana boat, jet ski, kayak and other water activities. They have spacious locker rooms with hot and cold showers.

They also offer overnight accommodations for as low as Php 5,800. Do check out http://www.canyoncove.com.ph for more details and for online booking.

I can't wait for his next out-of-town trip! Hopefully next time, his dad is here to join us!


Sapphire Mommy said...

thanks for following sis,followed you too. btw, the place looks great, super enjoy si little Andrei :)

jengpotz said...

thanks sis! btw, pareho pala name ng hubbies natin :)

Cha said...

visiting from SP here. nice one sis. ;) i would like to bring my family there too. so, travel time is 3 hours? taga san kayo sis? kasi kami from las pinas, gaano kaya katagal from our place to get there?

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