Thursday, November 3, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Andoy's halloween shirt

The first trick or treat activity that my little Andrei participated in was last year. I made him a ghost costume out of a white cloth. I do not want to buy him costumes being sold in the department stores yet because I'm not sure if he will wear it. Well, guess what? I made the right decision! He only wore his costume for approximately 30 minutes that we didn't had the chance to take a picture of him as he was crying and struggling to get out of his costume.

The 2011 trick or treat activity in our neighborhood was held last Sunday, October 30. A few weeks before, I was a bit worried that Andoy will not be able to attend because I know I still couldn't convince him to wear any costume. Then one day before the event, we went to Robinson's Metro East and I saw a lot of halloween-inspired shirts for kids! There are a lot of designs to choose from and they come in orange, black, gray and white colors.

I got him the gray shirt which says "Daddy's pumpkin" with an orange pumpkin below the caption.

I would have bought him the orange shirt which says "I love Mummy" with a drawing of a mummy but there are no more sizes available for Andoy. I sure am a biased mom! LOL

I didn't have any problem putting on this shirt on Andoy. Actually, he was even excited to wear the shirt because he thought we were going to the mall.

And here is a picture of Andrei, together with his cousins, who were all dressed up. And because he was scared of his own cousins with all their costumes and make up, he was reluctant to pose near them!


michi said...

natawa naman ko, natakot pati sa cousins. hehe!

Jenggai said...

@michi: nung una kasi may scary masks ung mga pinsan nya kaya ayun nagtatakbo sya nung nakita nya. pinatanggal muna namin ung masks para makasali sya sa picture taking :)

The Average Jane said...

My nephew also hated wearing costumes, which is why my bro decided not to participate in any trick or treating activities for now. Maybe they should just have bought a shirt like you did. =)

Kristeta ♥ (kalokang Pinay) said...

Halloween is proving to be bigger each year back home. I think the kids look so cute. Poj went out only for a bit kasi it was too cold, mas enjoy sya na tagabigay ng sweets =)
Andoy is so cute =)
I have something for you on my site, have a lovely weekend =)

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