Tuesday, October 25, 2011 | By: Jenggai

One big thank you

After six days of confinement, my little Andrei is all well and back to his old playful self. I was so happy when Andrei's pedia called early morning of Wednesday, October 18, to inform me that the platelet count went up from 124 to 151. Although, not too high as we were hoping, at least it is already in the normal range. Dra. Jenny Santos told me that she will be giving discharge instructions to the nurses on duty so we can go home. One big hurray!

I immediately kissed and hugged Andrei and started packing our things while waiting for the nurse to give me the discharge slip to be presented to the billing department. After saying goodbye to the friendly resident doctors and nurses, we were able to leave the hospital after lunch.

All smiles at St. Luke's Medical Center lobby while waiting for lolo to get the car

My Andrei, a few pounds lighter

He was even able to attend his Ate Iana's birthday celebration in school

Many thanks for all the prayers and for the encouraging words. God is good and He always hear our prayers.


michi said...

that's good news. he's now ready for trick or treat. =)

Jenggai said...

thanks, sis michi! sana pumayag sya magsuot ng costume :)

Roxi Santiago said...

Hooray! God is good! :D

bunay (lanie) said...

hi jenggai! glad that andoy is well na and is already in the mood for parties. :)

Jenggai said...

@roxi: Thanks! God is really good! :)

@bunay: Yeah, time for partying :)

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