Wednesday, March 16, 2011 | By: Jenggai

Macau, here we come!

Traveling among Filipinos has been a common activity for quite sometime now - thanks to the promo fares offered by airlines. Filipinos can now travel to other places within the Philippines and to our neighboring countries in Asia to experience different cultures.

Earlier today, my friends and I booked a trip to Macau for August. This is the first time that I will be traveling that is why I am so excited (and so are my friends!). We are also planning to go to HK for a day and visit Disneyland, which made me more excited. :) 

We were originally planning to go to Bali, Indonesia for Carol's birthday on May (whose wish is to see Ketut from the book, and now a movie, Eat Pray Love) but the fares are way out of budget.

I first caught a glimpse of Macau from the Korean series Boys Over Flowers. I was awed by the Venetian-inspired places and wished to able visit them one day. I have heard only good things about Macau from friends who have had the chance to visit the place.  I hope we can make the best out of our time.

Well, I still have five months to plan my vacation in Macau. Just five more months and I'll see you, Macau!


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